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Data destruction

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Software destroy

Intelligent destruction is an optional function, using M.2 cheat pin PIN36 as the trigger pin. PIN36 is high by default. When it is lowered for more than 1S, it triggers smart destruction startup and erases all blocks. If the power is turned off before the destruction is completed, the destruction process is continued after the power is turned on again until all the blocks are completely erased.Intelligent destroy available, using M.2 gold finger PIN36 as trigger pin. Pin36 normally are high level, after pull down 1s then intelligent destroy start. Erase all block. Once destroy do not completed while power off, it will erase all block until finished after power on.

Physical destroy

It use software destroy or Data overwrite and delete can not be avoid data recover. So physical destroy is much more reliable. Micro From provide a way, which use high voltage breakdown chip to make SSD physical part broken to make sure data can not be recovered.