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What are the advantages and applications of wide temperature solid state drives

2019-12-26 19:28:42Shenzhen Micro Innovation Industry Co.,Ltd.

Wide temperature solid state drives are a type of solid state drives that are used in heavy-duty products in the fields of defense, aviation, and military industries.

Wide temperature solid state drives are a type of solid state drives that are used in heavy-duty products in the fields of defense, aviation, and military industries. Ensuring product performance and reliability to ensure the continuous progress of the work, once the adverse effects occur, it will bring serious hidden dangers to the military and even the country. The following source source will tell you about the unique advantages of the wide temperature solid Eagle.

Wide temperature solid state drive: support high-speed erase function

In the military field, high-quality solid-state drives can not only handle massive amounts of wartime information, but also be able to withstand any harsh environment, and their own protective measures are also an important weight to ensure information. Due to the special nature of wartime, unexpected situations may occur at any time. How to ensure that wartime information is not easy to leak has become an important consideration for military solid state drives. This is not only a technological breakthrough, but also a manifestation of the professionalism that military products deserve. It can provide more reliable data for military information warfare.

Wide temperature solid-state hard drive: Car uninterruptible power design protection

In terms of information security, the wide temperature solid-state hard disk also provides a more user-friendly on-board uninterruptible power supply protection design. The reason for integrating this kind of power-down protection design is also for the consideration of guarantee in special cases. In the event of any accident or sudden damage to the power system, the vehicle uninterruptible power supply protection design will be activated immediately to ensure that the data in the solid state drive is 100% complete in any abnormal power outage. For example, in geological surveys and water mark detection, accidental power outages occur. If you want to use data collection normally in such a harsh environment, this kind of anti-power-off protection measures are especially important, and it is also an important embodiment to ensure the stability of information data.

Wide temperature solid state drives: ensuring product life cycle transparency

Wide temperature solid-state drives not only excel in military and aviation fields, but also perform well in large server rooms, network workstations, and databases. For example, on the server side, wide temperature solid state drives can be used in cache server applications. This is determined by the technical characteristics of the solid-state drive server. Compared with traditional servers using ordinary hard disks, solid-state hard disk servers have the advantage of data throughput. The average read and write speed of solid state hard disks can reach more than 120MB / s, which is 30 to 40 times that of ordinary hard disks. Therefore, choosing a solid state hard disk server as a static web page or a cache server affected by video can directly improve the input and output performance of the system and increase the speed of users accessing the website, with obvious effects.

Wide temperature solid-state hard disks: Read and write speeds are greatly improved

Wide temperature solid-state hard disks have effective data processing capabilities, and the response time of wartime data processing can reach milliseconds, which is fully capable of analyzing and processing rapidly changing massive battlefield information. In addition, constant read and write speeds play a very important role in processing massive battlefield information.


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